Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Signing out

I have used this blog for about four years now and it is time to give it a rest for multiple reasons. For one, I am migrating to a new platform (comment if you wish to follow!). Secondly, I feel that many of these articles show a more emotional character and are not as well-argued. Over the years, I have developed past opinions to evidence and I wish that my new blog not be tainted by my past baggage. Hence, I shall strive to write more professionally and perhaps even check my some of my biases at the keyboard! Third, given certain developments in my life, I wish to start blogging using my name instead of the pseudonym I had appropriated all this time.

In any case, I hope to see anyone following this blog on my new one. Thanks for reading.

[Special note to Amit: I read your comment on a post I have now removed and I the answer is yes, I have read what you mentioned. The point you raise is significant and I will not discuss it in a reply but will post on the issue soon at my new blog. Please let me know how I can forward you the new url and such. Thank you for reading.]